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Charter Internet speed testing 

About Charter Internet

For people who use the internet on regular basis, it is much important to have a good net speed as well. There are several people who have to use the internet for professional purposes while other uses it for personal purposes. Whatever the case is, it is crucial to have a good and secure internet connection with high speed.

But how do you check the speed of your internet? The charter net speed test is the ultimate solution!

Why is it crucial to check the internet speed?

Little do people know that it is crucial to keep a check on the internet speed if you want to access the web without any hassle! This is why we urge you to use the charter net speed test to keep an eye on the net connection and how low or high the internet speed is.

What does the net speed test do?

It is fairly easy to use the net speed test. All you need to do is run the test while you are using the internet. This test will help your evaluate the internet speed in three ways.

  • By measuring your latency
  • By measuring the download bandwidth
  • By measuring the upload bandwidth

What does upload and download bandwidth mean?

The upload bandwidth, which is also known as the upload speed is the rate at which your computer system transfers information or data from the system to the web. Similarly the download speed is the rate at which data is downloaded from the web to your system. Hence, a low bandwidth of upload or download rate is a clear indication that your internet speed is much slow. Understandably, slow internet speed is a call for immediate action.

What should you do if the internet speed is low?

After running a net speed test using the Charter speed tool, if you find out that the results are negative this calls for instant action. You will have to contact your internet provider or an expert technician to resolve the problem for you as soon as possible.

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